Browse Against the Machine
Eric Petitt

Well Eric, as the head of Firefox marketing, maybe you need to take a good hard look at why Firefox has gone from the most popular browser to only 1/4 the market share of Chrome.

After using Firefox since version 1.0, and rarely ever using any other browser, I switched to the Palemoon fork of Firefox after the “Australis” debacle that completely ruined what used to be the best browser around.

To put it simply, Firefox sucks and nobody at Mozilla cares. You get $375 Million a year in free money from Yahoo, after getting a couple Billion in free money from Google over the years. And what have you done?

Remove good features, make Firefox more like Chrome, add junk features that nobody wants or cares about, make Firefox more like Chrome. Pointless change after pointless change.

I call it “New Coke Syndrome”. In your rush to make Firefox more like Chrome, you’ve failed to understand that if people want a browser that looks and works like Chrome, they’ll just use Chrome. Meanwhile, you’ve destroyed almost everything that made Firefox popular in the first place.

For the last 4 years you people have been on an all out campaign to destroy Firefox, and your market share numbers show that you’re doing a really great job of it.