Elizabeth Aquino’s book, Hope for a Sea Change

Celebrating #RoleModelMoms

In honor of Mother’s Day, Abi Wurdeman is interviewing people who embody #RoleModelMoms, starting with the fierce and inspiring Elizabeth Aquino. Elizabeth is a writer and advocate who has been blogging about being the parent of a special needs child since 2008 at a moon, worn as if it had been a shell.

Abi interviewed Elizabeth about how blogging helped her find and build a community of parents, artists, and advocates:

She discussed walking the fine line of being honest about how difficult it is to parent a child with a severe disability while honoring their integrity:

Elizabeth also told Abi about working with the ABC sitcom Speechless, her response to Jimmy Kimmel’s highly publicized speech about birth defects and healthcare access, and fighting for medical cannabis legislation. Listen to the full interview:

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