Five Ways to Use SpareMin to Promote Your Podcast

SpareMin is a free tool with many uses and applications, but the podcasting community has a special place in our hearts. Here’s how podcasters can use SpareMin to their advantage:

1: Reach a new audience by featuring guests from all over the world

Interviewing an exciting guest is a tried-and-true way to grow your podcast listenership. With SpareMin, geography is no longer an issue: you can record an interview with anyone who has a phone, anywhere in the world. Ask your guest to create a SpareMin account; calls between users have the best audio quality.

SpareMin is mobile only, but you can easily download an mp3 of your recording and edit it into your podcast. (If you need a hand, reach out to us, we’re happy to help!)

2: Make mini-episodes

Podcasters can use SpareMin to make an instant mini-episode without leaving home (or the office, we won’t judge) by calling up a cohost or using the solo recording option. Mini-episodes can be made in minutes and are instantly available to share on social media or to embed into a blog post. They’ll keep your audience engaged between regular episodes, give you an opportunity to respond to trending topics, and help you win over new listeners with a quick preview of your podcast.

3: Create and share an audiogram

Social media users are more likely to watch a short video than listen to an audio clip without visuals. Use our free audiogram tool to create a preview of your latest episode in minutes. Upload an mp3, edit the length, and customize with images and text. Share your audiogram on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with a link to your full-length episode.

4: Offer extra content to your diehard fans

Direct your biggest supporters to your SpareMin profile where they can access unedited, unfiltered interviews.

5: Get a little love from SpareMin

We love to brag about our podcaster friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! If you’re using SpareMin to record or promote your podcast, let us know so we can share your calls with our followers, too.