Member spotlight:

By Christophe Garnier, CEO of Spark Labs

Have you been through the struggle of finding the right insurance?

We spoke with the dream team behind about how their search engine can help you find the right insurance in 15 seconds!

Read about outstanding story and understand how Spark Labs has helped them to launch a French service startup from New-York!

What is is a super intuitive and easy-to-use insurance search engine we created to help French users find the right insurance for their needs quickly and easily.
Where did the idea for come from?
I spent days researching health insurances before I was able to find the right product. When I realized how daunting and confusing the insurance market was, with its hundreds of segments and products, I decided a platform like could help make the process easier and more approachable for everyone.
What encouraged you to make the leap towards launching ?
We launched in 2013, a search engine prototype that specializes in travel insurance, as a way of testing the concept on a specific segment. The project quickly became profitable and won over a number of travel insurance experts. It made sense to expand the concept to all insurance segments with
What value does bring and to whom ? aggregates 500+ insurance products (at launch) across 6 main insurance segments. It offers an easy-to-use questionnaire that helps the users narrow down their needs and find the product results best suited for them. Absolutely no personal data is required and it can be used by any person who needs an insurance and has access to the internet.
Why is now the time for your company to exist?
Clients are more demanding than ever when it comes to accessibility and ease of use; and this is especially true in the rapidly-evolving insurance industry. Digitalisation has become a key differentiator and more insurance companies are realizing how important it is for them to provide their clients with a digital model that is centered around their needs and expectations. is relevant now because it has a twofold objective : accompany the insurers in their digital transition and provide a simplified experience for the end client. A win-win on both counts.
Where do you see in the future ?
We aim to grow our client base and product catalog to cater to all needs across the insurance spectrum. Another goal is to become a source of intelligence and expertise on all things insurance, namely with a complete encyclopedia of insurances. Long-term, we’re looking to refine our algorithm and expand the concept beyond the French market and on the US market.
Why did you decide to launch a French service startup in the US?
Launching a French service in the US allows us to take advantage of what the US has to offer while still benefiting from France’s assets. The US offers a very dynamic entrepreneurial environment and a flexible work market while the French insurance market is full of opportunities and has a strong pool of technical talent.
What has been your proudest moment as an entrepreneur so far?
My proudest moment was the launch of the website after months of work and preparation with our team. There is still a lot of work to do but we’re very happy with the initial version.
Do you have any advice for foreign entrepreneurs that are growing their businesses in the USA?
One of the best things you can do for yourself and your project is you find a community of like-minded, driven people who inspire you to do the best on a daily basis. That’s what we found at Spark Labs.
How has grown with Spark Labs?
Beyond offering a cost-effective place to work, Spark Labs has allowed us to benefit from fruitful collaborations and shared knowledge with a community of talented and dynamic designers, programmers, marketers, SEO experts..and to meet incredible people along the way!
What is your favorite event at Spark Labs?
Founders club is a weekly networking event that takes place in really cool locations all over New York. It’s a great way to meet fascinating entrepreneurs and connect with potential investors.