Member Spotlight: Atomli

Spark Labs is the global network for innovation. This week, we are interviewing our member Atomli, a company who offers analytics for consumer product manufacturers, distributors and retailers alike.

Q. What is the main focus of your company?

A. Atomli provides extremely granular, precise and reliable predictions of sales volumes for consumer and packaged goods manufacturers, distributors and retailers. This means unique forecast parameters for each individual SKU in each outlet. Total automation, coding sophistication and ease of integration reduces internal costs and allows forecasting teams to focus their time on optimizing their business.

Q. Do you have any new product launches?

A. We have recently released automated assessment of price/promotion elasticities, again at SKU/store level. This helps to ensure that investment in promotions pays off.

Q. What is your relationship with Spark Labs?

A. After expanding into the US from Australia, Spark Labs has been our base since early 2016. It was where we hosted the soft launch of our business, as part of the Pottinger Analytics B2B analytics incubator. It’s provided a great first home for Atomli, and we are very happy to recommend it to others who want to build start-ups based in NYC.

Q. How do you define success at Atomli?

A. An early version of the Atomli platform is currently deployed in one of the larges CPG companies in the United States. Entirely automated creation and refinement of forecast models has translated into 40%+ improvements in forecast accuracy, whilst reducing the headcount required to keep forecasting models up to date as circumstances change by 98%. Success thus means much more accurate, much more reliable forecasts, whilst simultaneously freeing up considerable resource to focus on higher value added tasks. The success of our accuracy is maintained and enhanced over time, through application of machine learning techniques, meaning that models adapt rapidly to changing circumstances.

Q. Why did you choose Spark Labs and how has it helped you?

A. We chose Spark Labs as we wanted to be part of a community that is hard-wired into the tech/start-up scene in New York. The diversity of businesses who make their home at Spark Labs was also appealing, including the Trans-Atlantic elements, as it helps in our view to reinforce a culture of outward looking creativity.

People To Know

Nigel Lake - Co-Founder & CEO of Atomli

Nigel co-founded Atomli and is a passionate entrepreneur with global experience. Although being born in Colombia, Nigel grew up in the Middle East and the UK, and has been based in London, Tokyo, Sydney and the United States.

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