Spark Employees Go For Analytics Qualification

Spark’s employees understand the value of Strategic Insights that come from data analysis. In addition to a dedicated department for discovering opportunities through data analysis, Spark employees across all departments — from PR to marketing — are studying to become qualified in Google Analytics. This way, all employees can speak the same language when it comes to insights and catch larger trends across clients and industries. Spark believes insights should percolate through and inform all areas of marketing and PR.

“The more individuals that have this mindset your agency, the more successful your programs will be because each person will know how their specific task impacts the program,” says Alexander Romero-Wilson, Senior Analyst in the Strategic Insights department. “Not only that, but you as an agency will become a stronger and more indispensable strategic partner to your clients.”

In the spirit of AMEC Measurement Month, which starts tomorrow, Spark would like to congratulate Alex for becoming the first of the group to pass this exam and become qualified.

Becoming qualified in Google Analytics involves passing a rigorous 90 minute, 70 question exam with at least 80% correct answers. In order to prepare, employees study four video courses, called Analytics Academy, that cover data analysis as a concept, the Google Analytics platform, eCommerce, and mobile apps. Studying can take up to 40 hours, depending on how familiar an employee already is with data analysis.

“To say that passing the Google Analytics Qualification Exam was easy and studying did not a lot of time and effort would be a dramatic understatement,” said Alex. “To be perfectly honest, taking the test was a long time coming, as I have been studying for this exam on-and-off for the past 6 months. It truly is a difficult challenge juggling work with personal and professional development. But, when you find an employer like Spark that really does value development, it makes dedicating time that much easier.”

When asked why his certification matters to Spark, Alex commented, “Spark is heading in the direction of digital analytics and connecting the dots between communications efforts and business objectives, which will allow me to apply my new certification across a diverse client base.”

He then noted, “I also have to admit that after passing the exam, I celebrated by dominating some bomb-ass hot dogs at Show Dogs in downtown SF.”

We will be talking a lot more about AMEC Measurement Month and data analysis over the coming weeks.

About Spark

Spark creates transformative brand narratives and creative activations that drive business results. We integrate public relations, content marketing, analytics, and digital communications. If your company wants to find new opportunities by making sense of your data, contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your company’s goals.

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