Immersive 360-degree video is assuredly making its way to the mainstream. Facebook announced support for 360 video in its news feed, and YouTube dedicated a channel to the new genre. We saw the trend already beginning to emerge — and with digital video continuing its explosive growth, we believe the world is ready to embrace this new immersive medium. Plenty of people (including us) are betting 360 video will be a success: it brings a new & cool medium to involve creators and viewers, and completely transforms the way we consume content.

We have been looking for a social platform for 360 video for so long, and finally we found the best one — Pie. With the goal to win mobile 360 video, Pie built a product that makes creating, viewing and sharing 360 content simple & accessible to everyone. It is attacking the mass market, specifically targeting a younger audience that has grown up with mobile apps like Snapchat and has distanced themselves from Facebook- an “old-fashion” platform for their parents’ generation. This is a totally new way to socialize and it’s redefining how we experience and engage with content — you can experience the whole world in a stunning way that makes you feel like you’re really there. The experience on the Pie platform is incredibly fun and engaging. We believe the future of video community is here. …


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