…Sometimes Asking for Gender Equality feels too much.

I fully believe 100% in gender equality

I believe my future husband and I should both be responsible for the cooking, cleaning, financing and caring of our home.

I’ve had no problem expressing my beliefs but sometimes

…sometimes when I look at the people around me, I feel like I’m asking for too much.

I see my bfs mother, sister-in-law and other women in my family slave in the kitchen for their husbands day after day as if they are maids. I see the way their husbands take this for granted as if their wives are merely doing their “jobs”.

They will tell you this is “our culture”. They will tell you a woman belongs in the kitchen but until I am given scientific evidence of the correlation between the XX chromosome and housework, I will call it slavery.

I know I don’t want to be a servant to my husband. I want us to share everything including the house chores but sometimes

… sometimes I wonder if while he’s doing our dishes he’ll be slightly envious of his brother who never sets foot in the kitchen yet gets served like a KING.

I just don’t understand why women are expected to serve their husbands. “Culture – A means by which previous generations attempt to control the lives of future generations”. What about “my culture”? Can I not create “my own culture”?. Women don’t get enough choices, we get told we have to do so many things based on “culture”, I always ask “but why?”. I mean who’s holding their breath?! But sometimes…

…sometimes I wonder why my bf sees a future with me, when there are many woman out there who are willing to go over to his house do his laundry and make him packaged meals for the entire week.

I don’t see the sense in that though, so I won’t do it. I have a full time job and I’d like to get served like a queen too sometimes(who wouldn’t?). So most of the time we cook together and sometimes we treat each other.

In “our culture” women take their husbands last names when they get married. I’m not sure I want to take my future husbands last name. But people just assume I’ll change my name as if I don’t have a choice! I’m still deciding whether I’ll create a new last name, keep my current one or take my husbands but sometimes

…sometimes when I look around, I wonder if I’m asking for too much.

With the way people look at me when I exercise my right to choose, it makes me feel as if asking for Gender equality is asking for too much.

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