My Interview with Jeremy Slate on The Create Your Own Life Show

Chris Sparks
Dec 6, 2018 · 29 min read
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Some topic highlights for me:

  • Recognizing and leveraging life’s Inflection Points
  • Installing decision algorithms that create a bias for action
  • Looking across disciplines to identify the habits and mental models which generalize for all top performers
  • Recreating personal conditions for success and utilize positive feedback loops to reinforce those conditions
  • The mutual reinforcement of trackable goals and iterated systems
  • Correcting for our natural biases and blind spots as an entrepreneur
  • The biggest winners don’t compete with anyone but themselves
  • Curiosity as a never-ending source of motivation
  • “Staying on the bus” — the power of a low time-preference

Podcast Transcript

Note: Transcript slightly edited for clarity.

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