Sparq: The future of scalability and mass adoption

2 min readJun 8, 2022

The Sparq protocol is the result of a deep analysis of scalability in the new blockchain paradigm. With solutions like Avalanche providing tools like subnets for decentralized applications scaling horizontally, Sparq was born out of a desire for increased flexibility and speed to unlock the potential of subnets beyond what was conceivable and is now an avalanche of unlimited possibilities.

Sparq’s core

Sparq is a protocol with tools to build subnets and decentralized applications with record-breaking transaction speeds to make what was once impossible possible.

Sparq offers great value at a series of services at the protocol, starting with a bridge that processes transactions from any EVM chain on and off the Sparq network.

The Sparq bridge is interoperable with any chain to provide a seamless communication of smart contracts and transfer of assets.

Sparq is language-agnostic. Meaning any builder can choose any language and build their decentralized application or service with confidence and skip the learning curve of smart contract development.

Sparq’s C++ architecture makes it fast, lightweight, and highly optimizable, enabling its use for an endless number of decentralized applications such as:

DeFi: high-frequency trading (up to 3M trades per second)

Data storage: Decentralized databases and data storage

Gaming: Sparq is perfect for GameFi as its C++ infrastructure allows entire game engines to be built on top of it, unlocking endless possibilities for this area.

Avalanche Summit 2022 Hackathon

Æverest ++ was the first stage in the development of Sparq. The name was taken during the Hackathon days at the Avalanche summit 2022. The project had a simple goal of building a deterministic subnet that met two key requirements: to support high throughput and be built using C++.

These requirements were successfully met by achieving the goal of building a subnet made in C++ that reached an average of 13K TPS (without any optimization) in less than three days, thus winning the Best custom VM subnet implementation.

Æverest team at the Avalanche Summit 2022 Hackathon




SparqNet is a protocol that enables the creation of any application, natively supporting any language to provide unparalleled flexibility on Avalanche