DGR : Distributed Gold Reserve

We have decided to sell gold coins instead of tokens!

Each gold coin with a unique number blocks a certain amount of SPARTA tokens, and holder are rewarded by the DGR for holding the coin.

The end goal is to have the token partially backed by gold. Not gold held in a specific location, but gold held by thousands of investors.

What is DGR

DGR stands for distributed gold reserve, it is simply the unit in charge of making sure that the token would be partially backed by gold. This is achieved by issuing collectors gold coins that block a certain amount of tokens. In other words, the coins indirectly represent the amount of tokens they block. 
The collector coins will be sold to investors & collectors, who will be granted SPARTA thank you tokens for each year they hold the coin (0.1–3% of tokens blocked). 
The coins holders can liquidate the coin after 6-12 months by donating it to one of the startups, and get roughly the amount of blocked tokens as a thank you for holding the coin and donating it. The coin can be used in the ecosystem or transferred from one individual to another, and a track will be kept(partially or totally) over the blockchain.

Important information about the SPARTA gold coins:

  • Each coin have a unique public key engraved on it.
  • Buyer gets private key(s) when receiving the coin(s).
  • The coin can be bought and used without any prior knowledge in block-chain .
  • The coin can be sold and used anywhere and to anyone, it is not affected by the China ICO ban or SEC & other regulators.
  • Coins are issued based on the amount of token contributed to the DGR by the startups.
  • For each batch of coins issued, a small portion will be sold directly and the rest will be put on auction.
  • Coins are pre-sold before production, please allow some time for minting.