Removing the shroud of mystery that surround the Hurricane Heat

By Dave Bax

HURRICANE HEAT — Removing the Shroud of Mystery

Maybe you’ve seen those large groups of people in black clothes at Spartan events running through the festival area or on the race course and heard the other races shout out to them “AROO!!!” or “GO HURRICANE HEAT!” Maybe you’ve just heard the word “Hurricane Heat” and wondered what it’s all about? I know my first year of Spartan racing, I missed out on Hurricane Heats because I didn’t know enough about them, didn’t know anyone that had ran one, and had misconceptions about what they were.

Time to lift the shroud of mystery that often surrounds the Hurricane Heat (HH) for many people. My brief Spartan bio — I’ve been participating in Spartan events now for several years, have completed multiple Trifectas, Hurricane Heats, 12 Hour Hurricane Heat (HH12HR), 24 Hour Hurricane Heat (HH24HR), and recently the Agoge 60HR endurance event.

My favorite event is still the HH and I’m always trying to recruit new people to participate and join the Endurance side of Spartan. In talking to people that haven’t participated in the HH, I’ve seen many people that are uncertain of what the HH is and one of the most important misconceptions is that it’s a race. IT’S NOT A RACE. Please be aware the HH (never, ever refer to the HH as the HH 4 hour) is a team based event, and you’ll be surrounded with a group of likeminded individuals. There will often be other veteran HH individuals in the group and you’ll work as a team during your 3–6 hour event. The HH12HR, HH24HR, and Agoge are events that are BOTH team and individual based events. The HH is primarily a team based event, but you may perform individual activities, such as exercising or walking.


All HH events are led by at least one Krypteia and they will often have multiple assistants during the event. All HH events are unique and don’t expect to see the same activities or format at each event. The Krypteia design the events and test the events activities prior to the start, so nothing asked of you will be unachievable. You’ll have an event specific item of the Krypteia’s choosing. It may be a cinder block, piece of wood, towel and will always be different — seeing the pattern of unknown here yet? The Krypteia are your instructors, but are there to help you, not trip you up or fool you. You’ll also need to listen carefully to instructions and what’s being asked of you by the Krypteia or you will pay by burpees or something equally unpleasant and start over. I can’t stress it enough, listen carefully and always remember to move with a purpose!!


There’s a required gear list that’s usually emailed out the week before each event. The Krypteia will also publish live feeds and a good point of reference is the Spartan Endurance Page The best place for researching HH FAQ can be found here:

The following gear as it standard for ALL HH events: All athletes MUST wear a black shirt. Can be a t-shirt, sports bra, tank top, whatever you want, but it must be black.

· 1 Headlamp (per person). It will be dark.

· 1 Black Sharpie Marker per athlete.

· 2 Chemlights

· 1 Camelback, backpack, ruck, purse, whatever you want to call it. You must be able to carry your own water supply.

· 4 Salt/electrolyte packets. If you start to cramp up, eat the packets and drink some water.

· 2–4 energy gel shots or energy bars, whichever flavor you prefer.


I’ve had people tell me “Oh, I’m not ready for that” or “that race seems too hard for me” or “I need to train more before taking that on”. Because it’s a team event, YOU ARE READY and will have the full support of your team to aid, support and assist you on your journey to complete a Hurricane Heat. Learn the Warrior Ethos because as a team you will work together and will repeat the ethos throughout the event. Remember, you will never leave a fallen comrade and you team won’t leave you either!


I will always place the mission first.

Every participant soon learns that their own personal needs and goals must be sacrificed in order to succeed. Though many teams fight with each other early on, once egos are set aside, success is achieved.

I will never accept defeat.

Defeat is something that occurs in the mind, not on the field. It is not an impossible task or an opponent that will defeat you but rather giving up in your own mind. Personal courage and perseverance will see you through.

I will never quit.

If you do not accept defeat, you must still have the fortitude and strength to go on. Not quitting is more than just refusing to stop, it is the will to continue.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.

Really, this is what the Hurricane Heat is all about. The strength of the team is worth more than the sum of its members. Each task presented in the Hurricane Heat cannot be accomplished alone, and no team can move on without all its members. Someone will always be slower, someone will always be hurt, but it is not their weakness that causes failure, but the strength of their team that assures success.


The first step in completing the Hurricane Heat is to start by signing up! Find a race in your area, sign up with some friends and expect to gain a whole new group of friends from participating in the HH event. Commit to showing up to the event and make sure you come prepared by visiting the above mentioned links and checking you email the week before for the event specific details.

Join in on social media and look around at the Spartan Endurance Group on Facebook and Spartan Endurance Twitter pages to start with.

Always feel free to ask questions on social media about the event(s), but refrain from contact the Krypteia’s directly. If you do, you and your team may pay in burpees!

You’ll have a great support network, meet likeminded individuals, and become an instant member of the Spartan Endurance Family when you complete a Hurricane Heat.


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