Why should you do a Hurricane Heat?

“Isn’t a Hurricane Heat that event where you have to carry a log with a team and do burpees in some mud? Isn’t it something to do with shouting a “Warrior Ethos”, whatever that is? Do I have to carry someone else? I can’t do that. Why would I do something like that?”

I’ve often been asked that question. And yes, on the surface of it, it does sound like hard work that will see you carry heavy things and almost certainly get wet and/or muddy. Scores and scores of people, making their way through some rough terrain, carrying heavy items, stopping to do some PT, then carrying on again. Madness. Why would you do that?

But you have to ask yourself, it it’s so horrible, why do thousands of people keep coming back over and over again? Why do you see the 45 year old housewife with three children at home coming back for her fourth Hurricane Heat event and smiling broadly at the end of it? What do they know that you don’t?

They know that in today’s age, everything has become too easy. Everything is designed for ease, so that no one has to fight for anything any more. GPS on a cellphone. Hot food at the touch of a button. Flick a switch, turn a dial, instant gratification. Instant replay, instant coffee, instant, instant, instant.

As we all go through life, we always look for that missing something that many can never put a finger on. We are warm, clothed, fed and happy, but something is missing. Did it ever occur to you that what is missing, is the fight you’ve been avoiding? Not a brawl in a parking lot, but something where you have to fight and struggle and roll up your sleeves to get the job done. The enormous sense of satisfaction that washes over you when you’ve had to push your mind or body into something in order to get a result.

That’s where the Hurricane Heat comes in. We take that comfort zone from you and it is jettisoned into orbit. It’s just you, your team and a few hours of physical discomfort. Everyone feels the discomfort. We all feel the cold, the wet, the weight, the cramp. Yes, it sucks, but you and your team are in this together. You won’t let down that guy to your right. You will support that woman to your left. The weight is miserable, but you’ve got this. If you haven’t, a team mate can share your load while you catch your breath to recoup.

You’ve got this.

You. Have got. This.

Let’s rewind to the start of this article. That 45 year old housewife. Look at her. Just look. She’s wet, tired and muddy. But look at that smile across her face as she collects her shirt and medal. Look at the vigor with which she high-fives her new friend that she made today. Five hours ago, she didn’t know that woman she is hugging. Now she’s found a like-minded friend that also likes playing the autoharp — and she thought she knew no one else that did that. It’s amazing how small the world can be sometimes.

Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet and the Hurricane Heat has a habit of seeing people form the strongest of bonds.

So why should you do a Hurricane Heat? Because you are missing a fight. Because there are friends in this group you don’t know yet. Because you are way stronger than you realize. Because the discomfort eventually ends. Because you deserve to see your true potential.

Because the Hurricane Heat will show what you really, deep down, can do.

Enough with the excuses. Sign up today.