Bad presentations are good for you!

Bad customer service infuriates me, and unfortunately living here in the UK it’s something that I have to deal with on a daily basis. College teenagers who’ve been up all night partying think it’s okay to serve me my latte whilst discussing their antics with a colleague and not even acknowledging me paying them money to get my brew!

But every now and then I’ll be lucky enough to have someone serve me with a smile, ask me how my day has gone, and generally just be nice and polite. That makes for such a great experience, and let’s be honest it’s not difficult to do at all.

Presentations are just the same!

I love a good old, bad presentation!

I have started to realise that whilst the vast majority of presentations being delivered are terrible (a sad fact but very true) this is actually great news for those of us who put in a little extra effort. It doesn’t actually take much for your audience members to get to the end of your presentation and say…

…Thank you so much for a great presentation.

It doesn’t matter if you use PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, or any other presentation tool. If you just open the software and start throwing content at it without any thought for your story and core message then it wont be very effective.

A little extra goes a long way

So if you want to impress your audience every time you present just take a little extra time to think about:

  1. What is your core message and objective for the presentation?
  2. Who are your audience and how would they best like to see your presentation?
  3. What meaningful & memorable story can we frame our presentation content around? (People remember stories!)
  4. Put a little time aside to practice your presentation at least 3–4 times. Remember the 5 P’s.

And that’s it!

It doesn't have to take several extra days or even hours of planning. Making sure you take those things into account instead of just throwing something together at the last minute will set you part from the millions of bad presenters out there.

Russell Anderson-Williams. Official Prezi expert, author, and Prezi designer.

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Good luck, and enjoy presenting.

Russell (aka The Prezenter)