Playing around with Cinemagraphs

The last few working days of the year are normally when our busy presentation design studio quietens down and we get a chance to play with some exciting new technologies that we have spotted throughout the year.

At the end of December 2015 our team here could not wait to get their creative teeth into something called Cinemagraph Pro which was created by Flixel. And of course Santa (me and my credit card!) answered their wishes and gave them a full Pro version of the software to experiment with!

Josh’s profile Cinemagraph

So what is a Cinemagraph?

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs.

In the example opposite you can see a Cinemagraph of one of our team.

Cinemagraphs, can be published in either animated GIF format (like the examples on this blog) or as video.

Here are some more examples we experimented with:

Josh reading the infinite magazine.
Our office mascot busy at work.

Why are we so excited about Cinemagraphs?

Aside form the fact they just look really cool, we are excited by the potential they could have in the presentation space, and especially for our own work as Prezi designers.

Cinemagraphs can be inserted into Web pages as animated GIF files (as above) or inserted into presentations as video files. This means that you can create some beautiful, quirky, and memorable backgrounds for your presentation.

How do you create a Cinemagraph?

You can sign up for a free trial of Cinemagraph Pro by clicking here. To create a Cinemagraph you simply need to create a short video recording and then open that inside the Cinemagraph software. From there you can decide which parts of the video you want to freeze, and which parts you want to play on a loop.

You are essentially merging a still image and a video together.

We would recommend having a decent camera of course, and definitely using a tripod to make sure that there is no wobble in your video.

We have posted some more examples on our website which have been created by other Cinemagraph users, and I’d recommend taking a look so you can see just what is possible with this great new tool.

Presentation Design

If you are interested in creating some custom Cinemagraphs to use in your presentations, or looking for expert presentation design help and advice then feel free to contact us on

Russell (aka The Prezenter)