A Toast for Tiffanie & David

I started this to be a toast, but as the ideas began flooding my mind, I decided to start writing it out. While doing so however, it became far too long for a simple toast. Hence how it came to be what it is now.

Many toasts consist of compliments, wise cracks, sentimentality, and occasionally a few tears, while ultimately wishing the couple a long happy life together.

But I have trained for so long to be a preacher, four years professionally, and yet have never had the chance to deliver a sermon. Therefore, I’d like to deliver this toast in the form of a sermonette.

And though this may be a controversial way to start a toast, if you’ll stick with me, you’ll understand what I mean: Today is not your special day. There’s a much greater ‘Day’ you have yet to look forward to.


Love is not an emotion (if you haven’t realized that by now, it’s going to be a rough surprise). Love is not simply a decision either. 
Love is a COMMITMENT - a decision that must be made everyday, every hour, every minute. As the great 16th century spiritual poet, Teresa of Avila, Spain, so wonderfully said: "Love is not Love, unless it is forever!"

Consumatus est!

As Christ hung on the Cross, with arms outstretched between Heaven and Earth, in that everlasting sign of God’s marital Covenant with man, He cried out: "It is consummated!" (Consumatus est!) Many Bibles translate the phrase as "It is finished", which somewhat inaccurately gives a connotation of a final ending, even though that was by no means the end of the story. To say it was would be like saying that your marriage is now finished, (or will be tonight). Yes, the ceremony has been completed (tonight), but it’s not ‘finished’, on the contrary, it’s the beginning.

Friday the 6th Day

Speaking of “the beginning”, your marriage today is in the 6th/final day of Creation. God is now looking down on your union, proclaiming it "Very Good”! You are now at the Great Friday of your marriage. Tonight - ‘consumatus est.’ Tomorrow is your 7th day, the day of blissful rest. The day when God rested after having completing the work of Creation. The day when Jesus rested in the tomb after having completing the work of our Salvation.

So then, when is your truly special Day?

Your Truly Special 'Day’

The ‘Day’ that you have yet to look forward to, your truly special Day is the 8th Day of Creation, the Day Christ brought Life to the New Creation by His Resurrection: Your special ‘Day’ is that everlasting Day of a Life spent together in LOVE!

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