#BernieOrBust Followers Opt for Bust

Sanders Abandoned by His Most Fanatical Followers

I just returned from the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where I witnessed first hand the moment that Bernie Sanders told his Delegates that we must do everything we can to ensure Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States, which was immediately met by a resounding BOO! That was the moment when everything changed.

It’s not uncommon to occassionally hear some booing during a Bernie Sanders Rally, but this was horrifying given it’s possibly implications. This time the animosity was not directed toward Trump, nor Wall Street, nor the status quo Establishment; nor was it even Hillary Clinton who drew this response. This time, in a room filled with those who are not only supporters of Bernie Sanders, but his very Delegates — those elected to represent the entirety of his supporters; for the first time the full animosity of their resounding BOO was directed squarely at Sen. Bernie Sanders himself. The first time Bernie gets to meet with the official representation of all his supporters from all over the Country — the most important people he needs in order to continue his dream of a Political Revolution — becomes the first time he is roundly booed by his own people.

I was so shocked… enraged… sickened… that I can only recall two things around this moment: I vaguely remember screaming at the crowd something about respect (it’s not often that one ‘vaguely’ remembers ‘screaming’), and I also remember, while I was standing in the back of the room as people were leaving, trying to process what just happened, I looked up to see none other than Cenk Uygur, founder & CEO of The Young Turks Network, of whom I’m quite a fan. I basically asked him, what the heck just happened, how could they boo him like that, and that I was sickened by the whole thing. By his response, “I don’t know, man. This is… I don’t know”, I could tell he was in about the same state of shock and confusion I was. I couldn’t believe this was happening, as well as the resulting confusion and subsequent mass abandonment by his own supporters. It was the most sickening turn of events I have ever witnessed!

Keep in mind that Bernie’s entire speech up to that point was laying out a point by point plan of how we are to continue Our Revolution as a truly grassroots movement, under a Clinton Presidency. But apparently the crowd wasn’t truly listening to what he was saying. I’m not too sure they were listening afterwords either, as Bernie tried to explain how Our Revolution could only survive under Clinton, whereas Trump would not think twice before actively suppressing any such movement full out KGB style.

I haven’t been hearing of any former Bernie supporters being tempted to vote for Trump, but it seems there’s a mass exodus — a #DemExit — from the Democratic Party and votes being pledged to Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. While I think it would be healthy for our political system if a Progressive third party candidate was to get a record number of votes this cycle, Hillary isn’t exactly leading by a landslide in the polls. So, no matter how much I like Jill Stein, I can not risk that hate spewing, Cheetos orange fascist Monster from getting anywhere near the Whitehouse! I’m not ready for World War III yet, especially with America playing the part of Germany.