Introducing Our New Compilation: Marketing to Millennials

SpeakingDIRECT is IWCO Direct’s through-line for sharing marketing trends, tips and analysis with businesses and marketers. With a recent focus on marketing to millennials, we’ve compiled this free, heavy-hitting list of SpeakingDIRECT articles outlining the best marketing strategies and tactics for reaching this growing demographic. Read more about our compilation below.

With a population topping more than 83 million, millennials make up the largest generation in the United States. This magical demographic that I’m a part of has likely been studied more than any generation in history by those trying to gain insight into what makes us “digital natives” tick. Everything from our sleeping habits, career expectations, political stances and views about marriage to our purchasing power and what drives our purchasing decisions has been put under a microscope and analyzed.

While the individualist nature of millennials makes us tough to pin down, one thing is certain. As a whole, we appreciate and respond favorably to direct marketing — provided it’s timely and relevant. At IWCO Direct, we’ve written extensively about this generation, and we’re happy to announce our new Marketing to Millennials compilation is now available for download. In it you’ll find a collection of facts, trends, tips and personal insights from our most popular articles on marketing to millennials, such as:

  • Millennials account for more than $600 billion in annual spending power.
  • Millennials are the most likely of any generation to read direct mail, with 25% considering it a leisure activity.
  • A recent study found 66% of millennials open direct mail and 63% who responded to a direct mail piece within the past three months made a purchase.
  • Millennials notice print, paper and image quality more than any other demographic.
  • Convenience, digital features, time-saving capabilities and how to save or earn more money are the four areas to showcase when marketing credit cards to millennials.

Download Our Best Millennial Marketing Articles Now — For Free

These are just a few of the gems included in this compilation of the most popular articles we’ve written. You can get instant access to our Marketing to Millennials compilation by clicking here. If you like what you see and want more of our insight into direct mail and direct marketing strategies and tactics, you can subscribe to SpeakingDIRECT to have articles delivered right to your inbox as soon as they publish.

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Originally published at on August 31, 2016.