The self-help industry is broken

but a solution is on the way…

Over the years, my wife and I have had the privilege of attending dozens of seminars and retreats, taking countless courses and learning from some of the greatest thought-leaders of our time. It was a few years ago when we started realizing that there was something inherently faulty in the self-help industry. The more people we spoke with, the more we heard the same thing.

Tony Robbins firewalk from UPW

The success stories, that are promoted constantly, only account for 3% of people. The other 97% are still struggling with their personal development. Here’s why:


With ticket prices averaging close to $1000 USD, it is near impossible to attend more than one per year. Between travel, hotel, food and the ticket price itself, the average person would need to pile up credit just to see a little success in their own personal development.

And all of the greatest coaches, speakers and motivators know this! Go to any seminar and half way through, while you’re feeling super pumped, you start hearing about the next program, the next retreat, the next course. They know you need to continue your personal growth, and they capitalize on it BIG time.


Self-help is like a drug. That first high is incredible. You experience life in a way you never have before. Opportunities start popping up everywhere around you. Life always gets better. And then, a month or two later, you come crashing down, literally jonesing for your next fix. You need to get back to that high. To that life that felt easy. To that life that was blissful. To that life where anything was possible.

I know this seems extreme, but the reality is that the only way to see real results, is to continuously educate yourself. Continuously work on yourself. Continuously gain more knowledge and strategies. That’s why coaching is quickly becoming a saturated market. Personal development needs to be ongoing.

But how is that even possible with the skyrocketing cost of tickets and coaching (the average coach is charging over $150/hour)?


So let’s say that you can afford to go to one of these high priced seminars or retreats. Awesome. Good for you. But the day it ends, is when the real world begins. Who are you going to turn to for support? To ask questions? To keep you accountable for following through on the promises you made to yourself?

That’s right, you now need to go hire a coach! Cool. Another $150/week (or more if you’re seeing them two or three times). Wait, why don’t you sign up for that free coaching call with the seminar host? Yup, you guessed it… That call is to sell you on a $20,000/year coaching package.

I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to seem like we should be applying for a second job to support our personal development addiction…


Let’s be honest, we should be able to capitalize on ALL the free resources out there. From YouTube videos, free consultations, free seminars and webinars, the list is endless. But here’s a dirty little secret: Every single one of those “free” resources, are there to strategically reel you in, get you hooked and then upsell you on a service you may not be able to afford. You’ll get just enough information and value out of it to make it seem like it’s worth your while, and then a day later, when you begin questioning if it’s working, you’ll get that email with a 50% discount promotion to a $5000 program. Yay!

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you can afford the seminars and retreats, the private one-on-one coaching sessions, and the personal development programs, go for it! There is no substitute for learning from some of the greatest thought-leaders of our time. Their guidance and teachings will get you results if you upkeep it and continue with them.

But what about the rest of you? The ones that wish they could but they can’t. The ones that it can truly benefit, but will never know the real results. The ones that yearn for more, but it’s just a little out of their reach…

My wife and I have spent countless hours trying to figure out a solution. It was during one of my morning meditations, when it finally hit me (like a ton of bricks!).


My inspiration came from the fitness world. There are millions of people who want to get fit, but can’t afford high priced gyms or personal trainers. Some don’t even have access to them. So, the fitness industry had to adjust and was revolutionized by at-home workout videos. 2 decades ago, a company called BeachBody, made these workouts affordable, accessible and effective for the average person. So we set out to begin creating ILLUMI. A way to make life & spiritual coaching more affordable, more accessible and more effective for everyone.

ILLUMI will be the first ever Video On Demand platform for at-home, follow-along life & spiritual coaching courses. We’ve partnered with instructors from around the world to develop awesome video courses that will be delivered straight to your TV, computer or mobile device. Simple, easy, fun and effective.

  1. Affordable monthly and yearly subscriptions (less than half the price of the average seminar ticket)
  2. Unlimited access to ALL courses for continued growth and sustained momentum
  3. A community of like-minded people that you can turn to for support and accountability
  4. Monthly Q&A’s with the instructors

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