Well, hello there

Well, hello there, my fellow reader.

I am very honored to know that you, out of all the adventurous things out there in the world, have chosen to open my blog right this second and read some chaotic, strange, serious, funny (I hope you got the point) thoughts that I might have in my head. For real, thank you. And I promise you will not regret it.

And now I realize I was so busy thanking you and promising some weird things to total strangers, that I almost forgot to introduce myself. Note to self: learn good manners.

Not to bore you with long introductions or dry facts about my name-age-occupation etc., I am just going to say that my name is Karina and I am a student in the American University in Bulgaria. I am actually from Kazakhstan (if you don’t know where it is, don’t even bother googling “where is kazakhstan.” Just open a world map and you will see a huge spot on the map somewhere between Russia and China. Boom, that’s it! Yeah, I know, we’re pretty big — the 9th biggest actually. Shame on you for never looking at that part of the world before.)

For now, I am just experimenting with what I am writing about, how I am doing it, and who I am sharing with. But don’t you worry. I will make sure that the minutes you spend here, with me, won’t be wasted.

Oh, and one last thing. My nickname here shall be Special K, because, well, I like that song (by Placebo — if you have never heard it, check it out) and my mom tells me I am special. And my name suits it anyway, so why not?

That’s all for now so you may go back to your exciting life, if you wish. I will be waiting for your return right here.

Good-bye until next time.

-Special K