The “GOWSA” Challenge

This is a baseline goal list for the “GOWSA” Kerbal Space Program shared save.

Goals for the System:

  • Setup comms around Kerbin,
  • Build mining setup around Mun,
  • Setup comms around the three major “inner” planets,
  • Setup outposts around Duna,
  • Build mining setup around Duna (and on Duna),
  • Send comms around Jool to end up at Lath,
  • Setup colonies on Duna and Lath (up to 500 on Duna and 100 on Lath),
  • Be able to travel system-wide many times with one ship.

We aim to leave as little space debris as possible, to never use a “mega-rocket,” and to make strides to avoid lifting more than a six-meter fuel tank into orbit.

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