Making systems more approachable
Ryan Mohr

One other thing — something I’ve fantasized over and offer to Kumu’nians to make happen… once I’ve done the slow reveal with a client, then I want the full monty (completely exposed map with all complexity) but… here’s the catch… I want it to be moving, undulating, weaving and bobbing. The map should literally ‘come alive’. It should reflect the fact that we are mapping DYNAMICAL evolving systems. The movement and energy should be realized in the map. That’s the biggest disconnect right now with systems maps. A dead model representing a living breathing beast. Make the maps come alive! A very simple visual way to do this is to treat the circles in a map as cylinders that are being filled or drained of water. Think of Dana Meadows beautiful metaphor of the bathtub (source/sink) being filled (positive feedback) or drained (negative feedback) in a flow system. THAT would be a killer way to show the reality of these interactions.

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