Cloud Computing Podcast Highlights

I regularly create new podcasts for the HPE Helion Podcast channel and thought I would share some of the better podcasts with this community. Here are a pair of podcasts I did with Christian Verstraete (Twitter) who is a Chief Technologist for Cloud Solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and a Top Cloud Twitter influencer.

The first podcast was recorded about 3 years ago and provides a history of how HP found itself working in cloud <PODCAST : Web Link // Download >

The second podcast was recorded about 2 months ago looking back at where cloud was during our first podcast and its current state. The difference is clear and Christian talks about where we are going as an industry. <PODCAST : Web Link // Download >

Podcast Links: iTunes Podcast Home Page // iTunes RSS Feed (itpc:// // TalkShoe Home Page // TalkShoe RSS Feed

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