how about you address what I wrote rather than deflecting into looneyville.
huh? are you incapable of reading anything other than chairman mao’s little red book?
Victor Quinn

All right. Fine. I will address what you wrote.

“So keeping your own money that you earn is trickling wealth up from others.”

I did not say that. Re-read my post. I neither said nor implied that I believe this. You assumed I believe this and never even tried to examine what I am arguing for.

“You people are a picnic short of sandwich. The lessons of history seem to have passed you by. You are brainwashed into a morbid stupidity.”

This is empty namecalling.

“The goals of marxism is the destruction of modern capitalism”

Yes. I agree that the goal of marxism is the end of capitalism.

Note that I have NOT said that I support the destruction of capitalism. I don’t, necessarily. Again, you assume that I believe this without examining it.

“and you are its gormless army of culturally and economically suicidal zombies.”

This is empty namecalling.

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