Backing up and Restoring your Spectrum Wallet.

If your new to the digital cash scene it can be overwhelming especially if your computer crashes, house fire, water damage, and other things. In short its best to plan for the worst by backing up wallet and placing it in a secure location, in your home and also away from your home. In this guide I will be detailing how I do it and what I believe the best way is.

First we will start by encrypting the wallet(Just don't forget the password when you do this). Myself I do like to make a copy of the wallet before it was encrypted this way if anything did happen to me or I forgot the phrase you still have access to it. However this is controversial most prefer to encrypt first. 

Also notate that if you make a new address you should backup wallet again the new address will not be stored in previous backups and your coins most likely will be lost.

We will start with a simple local backup of the wallet just in case it becomes corrupted. 

There it is click backup wallet then Save a copy to the desktop Its done. 

From here insert your USB flash drive or removable hard drive and repeat the process. Saving the wallet to your external storage. 

Now to restore our backup …..

Find your Spectrum wallet.dat file:

Windows -> in file explorer type %appdata% and find the spectrum folder

Mac -> show hidden files and go to ~/Library/Application Support/Spectrum/

Linux or Pi -> ~/.Spectrum

Close the wallet first, then take your old wallet.dat rename it to wallet1.dat Rename your backup to wallet.dat and place inside your data directory.