Securing the Spectrum Wallet

Encrypt your online backups

If your using a service to store your wallet backup make sure you have a strong password. Storing a unencrypted wallet online is not recommended. Just remember when storing wallet.dat files online they can be accessed by other people a strong encryption passphrase will keep you safe.

Use many secure locations 

Use different types of media and multiple locations. In even of a fire at your house or flood or anything else its good to have multiple backups and multible different locations for storage. This will mean its less likely to loose your digital currency's in the event of a major issue. 

Make regular backups

You need to backup your wallet frequently to make sure that all recent Spectrum cash change addresses and all new Spectrum cash addresses you created are included in your backup.

Encrypt your wallet

Encrypting your wallet will not allow anyone to send your coins out without the passphrase. It is strong protection but is vulnerable to keylogging.

Never forget your password

The passphrase should be something that you never forget. That’s secure, Spectrum cash or no one else has access to your phrase in the event you do forget it may be better to keep a paper copy of your password locked up in a secure location.

Use a strong password

A password that contains only letters or words can be considered weak and easy to discover. A secure password must contain letters, numbers, punctuation marks and must be at least 16 characters long. Some of the most secure passwords are the ones generated by programs that are designed for that purpose. Secure passwords are usually more difficult to remember, so you should take some time in committing it to memory.