Set and Design Theme on Spectrum Cash

The look and feel of wallet software has a big effect on users. Do you want to keep the same boring wallet open and look at the same thing all the time. I don’t that is why Spectrum has implemented Hot Swap wallet theme’s. Now the Spectrum community can design change and use any look and feel to the wallet they want. They method differs a little depending on the platform I will explain below. 

When you download the wallet software it will come with “stock themes” since the implementation has just been made there is only one at the time of writing. Soon there will be hundreds….. How do I get them on your wallet you ask well lets first start with Mac.

Download the Spectrum Mac wallet from 

You will be provided with stock themes but if you want to add another you will need to do this.

Show the package contents next navigate to root directory .

Note the Directory now lets copy a Theme and make a new one. 

Now after making the other folder you can rename it you will have another copy and look like this. 

Now enter your new theme and you can change the image to anything you want. 

Also you can edit the styles.qss to change other parts of the theme.

Now when I enter back to wallet I can see the theme I created.

The only difference between Windows, Mac and Linux is Windows & linux looks for the themes folder in the same directory as the Spectrum-qt.exe and Mac is explained above. Enjoy your newly Themed Spectrum wallet.