Easy Local Masternode Guide

Download the Spectrum wallet:


Follow the Twitter:


Create a new address and name it MN0

Go to Debug console and type: 

masternode genkey

Hit enter and copy the output and be ready to put in config.

Find your Spectrum.conf file:

Windows -> in file explorer type %appdata% and find the spectrum folder 

Mac -> show hidden files and go to ~/Library/Application Support/Spectrum/

Linux or Pi -> ~/.Spectrum

Open the config file with your favorite text editor and add these three lines.

masternodeprivkey=The key you got from genkey

Edit the staking line to read like this: 


Now before restarting your wallet Send your 10 million $XSM(exactly) to your MN0 wallet address. (please backup your wallet.dat after you create any new addresses).

Your transaction will need to reach 15 confirmations.

Now you can restart wallet open debug console and type:

 masternode start 

You should see that your masternode has successfully started. If you get a could not connect error you will need to consult google for the model of your router and set up port forwarding. The port 44820 will need to be forwarded to the local I.P. of your machine. 


This is a easy setup for quick and active masternode. There is many different ways to set a masternode up and they will be mentioned in future guides. In this guide you will be using your computer as a server for hosting a masternode your I.P. will be visible to network and if your ip changes often you may want to rent a VPS. This method will be discussed in the next guide.