Endangered Species Future Think: New Ways to Save Animals

A novel new technology has emerged in Japan. Animals have been cloned from nuclear transfer of genetic material/stem cells derived from urine. New techniques for nuclear transfer can save extinct species and the rescue of endangered species. Cloned animals may now be created with stem cells resulting in clones very similar to donor animals except for the DNA.

Technology speeds ahead to help us save our world and many endangered species. This breaking news from the research team of Yasuhide Ohinata, Eiji Mizutani, Teruhiko Wakayama, Kohei Torikai, Sotoshi Kishigami. and Sayaka Wakayama was published in April 2016.

This technique can be recreated to save endangered species through the use of urine of animals secluded in endangered animal compounds around the globe. It is expensive, but would make it much easier to relocate the species around the globe. The transfer of vials of stem cells should be much more affordable than large animals. The urine may also be shipped cross country and the stem cells can be harvested in another lab. It often takes $25,000 to $50,000 to transport endangered species, but the cost to transport urine vials is minimal.

The advantage, other than cost for urine harvested stem cells, is the lack of tissue removal from the animal. The interaction and potential trauma to animals and humans is reduced.

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