Quantum Brain Healing: Gotu Kola Balances Brain Neurotransmitters

Quantum Brain Healing uses Gotu Kola herb to heal or treat many brain diseases. It is a herb found in Traditional Chinese Medicine called Ji Xue Cao. Gotu Kola has many important actions to help the brain repair itself including increasing brain circulation and acting as an anti-inflammatory. It is a mild diuretic. If there is very slight swelling of the brain, it may have a beneficial effect.

Brain swelling occurs from traumatic injury. Brain tissue damage received while boxing, wrestling, or skydiving often improves with Gotu Kola, after the initial trauma is treated. Any swelling in the brain impairs circulation and prevents clear thinking. This herb is very strong and has properties similar to those found in drugs.

Gotu Kola is also an anti-inflammatory substance which can reduce or prevent inflammation throughout the body. This herb is an adaptogen, which means it will act to balance the body. It can stimulate or sedate depending on the action needed by the body for optimal health.

Gotu Kola balances neurotransmitter levels in the brain. It impacts hormones and neurotransmitters. Quantum Brain Healing relies on the amino acids GABA and 5-HTPto treat lowered levels in the brain to cure or treat depression and eating disorders. This herb directly affects the cortex of the brain. This herb can target the GABA receptor sites in the brain and balance neurotransmitter levels. This is a very effective herbal product. It is key to remember that any supplement taken to affect neurotransmitter levels must be supervised by a doctor. Do not ever take this type of supplement without informing your healthcare professional. This herb is very strong and should not be taken by pregnant women or those trying to conceive a child.

Gotu Kola may be useful in treating stress, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, mental fatigue, neurasthenia, and even insanity. Gotu Kola’s ability to enhance brain circulation, while reducing inflammation, is a major way it treats brain diseases. This herb may interact with blood thinning agents and should be not be taken be those on blood thinners without an orthomolecular medicine doctor’s care and supervision.

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