Quantum Brain Healing: Milk Thistle Treats Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction

Milk Thistle has many uses and is quite affordable for almost everyone. It has many healing properties. This is an herb that can help a liver regenerate when liver cirrhosis or hepatitis has damaged the organ. It takes several months for the liver to heal from serious illness. There are many nutritional supplements required for support during this period. Amino acid therapy is also very useful in increasing the recovery of the liver and gallbladder.

A healthy liver is key to good health because this organ detoxifies the many chemicals and toxins that we are constantly exposed to on a daily basis. Your liver detoxifies all the drugs and medicines that you consume. Many times the liver is actually damaged by some of the more aggressive and toxic medicines. Milk Thistle also protects the kidneys. It has a mildly chelating effect and can remove iron from the body. It reduces cholesterol and glucose levels. High glucose levels produce inflammation in the brain and affects the speed at which your neurons fire. High iron levels are bad for your brain.

Milk Thistle is an anti-aging supplement. These properties stem from its’ immune system enhancement and anti-inflammatory action. It is an antioxidant. This product can extend life and contribute to a healthier old age. Milk Thistle can improve addiction withdrawal, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Eating disorders often include impaired liver function, where the liver and gallbladder are over active. A well functioning liver improves the outcome for many brain diseases. A healthy liver may result in less brain plaque or amyloid protein deposits in the brain. This may delay or prevent Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia in some people. The extract product may work faster than the simple herb Milk Thistle.

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