Quantum Brain Healing: Salvia Treats Head Trauma, Ischemia, and Cerebral Thrombosis

Quantum Brain Healing uses salvia, along with other herbs to enhance the outcome for several serious brain illnesses. This herb, also known as Dan Shen, is used frequently in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This herb needs care in dietary restrictions.

Salvia crosses blood brain barrier and increases blood circulation. Salvia has both antiviral and antibiotic actions. Salvia is an anti-inflammatory and sedates the Central Nervous System (CNS). This herb might be useful in treating an undiagnosed virus, which has damaged a brain. It may help Herpes 7 or Herpes 8 infections not responding to medication. It also reduces the inflammatory response from allergens.

Brain trauma or head injury is a disease treated by Salvia. The herb sedates and calms the brain, along with functioning as an antibiotic. The herb protects the brain in ischemia patients and increased brain circulation. It can help repair the memory for trauma patients. It is important to begin the herb early in the medical treatment of brain trauma. It will work best if started within six weeks to six months of the initial injury.

Salvia’s assistance for insomnia is likely due to the sedative affect of the drug. Salvia can be used to treat cerebral thrombosis. The anti-inflammatory and increase in circulation would allow the cerebral thrombosis to heal more quickly. Do not take if taking anticoagulant or anti-platelet drugs. Do not take Salvia with Digoxin.

Avoid any herbs which act as serious blood thinners. It is very important to restrict blood thinning agents like gingko, green tea, Vitamin E, and fish oil supplements. Do not eat foods high in Vitamin K,such as spinach which may thin blood in many people.

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