Quantum Brain Healing: Treating Addiction with Nutritional Supplements

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Quantum Brain Healing utilizes many therapies for addiction including amino acid therapy, therapeutic vitamins and minerals, acupuncture, laser therapy, EFT, and herbal formulas. Detoxification is needed before nutritional therapies are used for most people.

Vaccines are on the horizon that may help many with substance abuse. Cambridge based Xenova Group plc is developing therapeutic vaccines for cocaine and nicotine addiction. These vaccines are designed to prime the immune system to produce anti-cocaine or anti-nicotine antibodies. The addictive substance binds to the antibodies after entering the bloodstream. The resulting large complex cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, so the usually pleasurable stimulus is absent or reduced. These vaccines will help those who wish to stop using cocaine or nicotine and may be used to prevent addiction.

Substance abuse withdrawal is helped through the use of amino acid supplements to stabilize the brain’s neurological function. Key addiction stressors may include drugs, job problems, family death, divorce, trauma, sexual assault, alcohol, computer, porn, and sex. The removal of every addiction stressor destabilizes key brain functions. The symptoms include dizziness, weakness, fatigue, low energy, brain fog, irritability, exhaustion, and depression. Certain DNA types are predisposed to substance abuse problems. Look to your family history to determine these issues.

Chemical support through pharmacology, herbs, nutritional supplements, amino acids, minerals, vitamins or nootropics will produce an improved withdrawal outcomes and better long term remission rates. Long-term amino acid therapy, along with astress reducing strategies are needed for successful resolution of addiction. Yoga or tai chi reduce stress and stabilize your brain.

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