Endangered Species Future Think: Reversing Trends for Endangered Animals

The National Wildlife Federation outlines several steps which are needed to protect endangered species including:

Defending and strengthening the Endangered Species Act
Holding federal agencies and state authorities accountable 
Advocate for increased funding and private landowner incentives for land conservation trusts, land acquisition, and land swaps
Protecting and restoring the natural habitat 
Reducing threats to wildlife like hunting, construction, and invasive species which threaten their survival

Many people look and miss the trees for the forest. Land conservation and animal protectionism is difficult work. Wealthy people may not endorse this belief and enjoy the sporting element of slaughtering protected animals.

Creating a better world is a long term commitment. Animals cannot speak for themselves. Grown-ups must assess danger and take bold steps to create a path for survival for our endangered species.

How is it possible to walk this harsh path forward when the universe has many hidden snares and snipers? Sir Walter Scott left us with over 26 books and many amazing quotes: “All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.” Each person can impact the world in ways that cannot be imagined. Widen the education of each person to enhance contributions. The world has many options to improve the fate of endangered species.

The North American Bear Center works to conserve habitat, stop poaching, rehabilitate injured and orphaned bears, and reduce human and bear conflict. Organizations like the North American Bear Center team with the Endangered Species Act, federal agencies, and state wildlife officers to create a platform of black bear protection.

State Wildlife Plans must uphold and endorse the creation of sufficient habitat and protect it from global warming and lower carbon footprints to sustain long term survival. The humankind focus must protect this group to ensure its own survival. This does not mean one world order. Everyone does their part and carries their share of the load as the world moves ahead with new challenges. How much commitment is required to to attain another outcome? Duty requires investigation of the opponent’s goals?

The legacy for America and Canada must be to protect the assets of North America including endangered species. The World Wildlife Federation, land conservation organizations, and foundations involved with global endangered species protection must select key leadership roles with this goal in mind.

Silvia Earle and Leo DiCaprio are well known international environmentalists with many roles in global climate control and protecting marine and wildlife endangered species. They are both excellent role models for endangered species education, commitment, involvement, and leadership.

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