Saving the Florida Dolphins

Will Florida fight to protect the threatened dolphin pods swimming in its beautiful coastline waters? The ocean is an asset shared by everyone. The bay’s massive pollution increases the probability of locally threatened species turning into extinct species. The contamination of rivers and water tables has raised the pH of water along Florida’s coast line and bays. Bacteria counts are also increased with water degradation.

Watch the plight of dying marine species ingesting plastics and toxins is tragic. This is well documented in Blue Ocean Film Festival’s array of Indie films. Marine life cannot digest plastic and die with a full stomachs of toxic plastic. The best example is an autopsy of a dead penguin: its stomach was full of plastic and could no longer digest anything it ate. Another example is contaminated shark meat: testing showed toxic levels of mercury.

As budgets are tightened with an increasing demands, the amazing Florida waters suffer pollution from plastic tabs, metal pull-off tabs, plastic grocery bags, Styrofoam, diesel gasoline spills, oil spills, and nitrogen run off from fertilizers. There are amazing Indie films sharing this marine life plight every year at the Blue Ocean Film Festival of Saint Petersburg and Monoco.

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