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Dr. Linus Pauling was an early pioneer in the field of using natural health supplements to treat and cure many diseases. Dr. Linus Pauling won the Nobel Prize. He was one of the first doctors to use orthomolecular medicine. He used experimented with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to cure and prevent disease.

Many times a patient feels as though there is not an answer for their healthcare problem or disease that is within reach. Pharmaceutical drugs may have side effects that are unmanageable for some people. When a drug treats one problem and causes another problem, the person needs to search for additional answers.

Many drugs will not work in all people due to differences in DNA, blood chemistry, food and beverage intake, or physical activity levels. There are many diseases which can be easily treated with amino acid therapy. These levels of amino acids are usually much higher than people normally get in their diet or take as supplements. It often may take a combination of three to five amino acids to treat a disease.

This therapy will take several weeks to several months before the desired outcome is achieved. Amino acid therapy may require taking additional antioxidants to improve the overall health level of the patient. Amino acid therapy can be used for treating heart conditions, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, traumatic brain injury, depression, obesity, chronic bronchitis, and dementia.

Orthomolecular medicine can be all or part of the solution in these cases. Serious problems connected with pharmaceutical drugs may result in mental illness, liver damage, kidney damage, kidney failure, damaged eyesight, elevated glucose levels, elevated blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, cancer, hearing problems, and death.

When you take a new drug and a health problem develops immediately, you can safely predict that this is probably a drug which may not be safely used by you. Many healthcare problems associated with pharmaceutical drugs may take months to develop. Quantum orthomolecular healing is for everyone. It is affordable and easily found with a doctor specializing in orthomolecular medicine or natural healing methods.

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