World Climate Change: Renewable Energy to Slow Land Loss From Rising Sea Levels

There are many scary world climate change issues ahead. The global climate changes include temperatures increases, volatile precipitation patterns, rising sea levels, weather disasters, forest fires, and droughts. The loss of Arctic ice and related ocean temperature changes is new. The most important issue may be limiting the pollutants entering the ocean. Is this due to nitrates and phosphates entering our rivers and stream to enter the oceans? Has this increased CO2 in the world?

Has fracking in the oil and gas industry caused minor collapse of substructures and water aquifers? Is part of the rising sea due to actual subsidence of land in many parts of the world? What happens as formations subside? Does this cause rivers and streams to flow differently into the ocean or sea and reduce wetlands?

Is acid rain from smog or factory pollutants the missing puzzle piece explaining the rising sea level? Chemical composition of the ocean may be the key item to monitor, but which exact chemicals must be tested? New chemicals are created every year and no one understands how they impact the globe. Who will steer the monitoring of the ocean and sea level? Which international group can lead the world in this important lifesaving topic?

Have underwater volcanoes increased the temperature of the ocean enough to permanently change the melting and refreezing points of the earth? Earlier research found that volcanoes on land also surged in activity about 12,000 to 7,000 years ago resulting in a loss of glacier and ice sheets coverage. Underwater volcanoes create increases of carbon dioxide into the ocean. This probably impacts local water temperatures. Harvard University research on undersea land shifts and the long trend line of underwater volcanoes raises unanswered questions in this area.

Can unexpected ocean contaminates raise the temperature of the ocean? The ice and Arctic polar areas are melting at an accelerating rate. This is clearly shown in Greenland. The loss of ice results in changes in water temperature. Has this factor caused a temperature rise in the water? How fast does this create rising sea levels? Has this ended the lives of Polar Bears, Walrus, Penguins, and seals? Is there an attempt to relocate any of these endangered animals by WFF, NOAA, or Green Peace?

Have new air pollutants caused higher air temperatures? Did this impact rainfall levels in certain areas? How is our big picture altered through the side effects?

How is the general public informed about this looming issue? Is it possible to slow this trend of losing land mass to rising sea levels? Rising sea levels affect everyone. Impacts include animals, fish, marshes, and sand dunes. Animal and wildlife species living in coastal areas are impacted and their habitat is decreased or eliminated.

Tracking coastline land loss is important to access how rising sea levels impact local areas. The Maldives Islands are a key example of rising sea levels and land loss. It is currently very difficult to understand the acceleration of rising sea levels. In coastal areas, problems associated with subsidence may be due to rising sea levels.

Is it possible to create a real time software model which indicates how global warming and other environmental changes are impacting coastal and island land loss? The model could include a highly detailed drawing of all the countries and bodies of water. Any changes in sea level or temperature could be reflected by the blue ocean covering lost land and be viewed online. This could be displayed by news and nonprofit foundation’s websites to help people understand the real impact on their world and location.

One solution lies in the responsible use of global fossil fuel resources and the integration of renewable energy at a fast pace. This is complicated by recent low prices of oil and gas. The new lower commodity prices make renewable energy a social platform rather than an affordable economic choice.

The Leo DiCaprio Foundation and NRDC are great places to learn about the incorporation of green energy and solar energy across America and the world. Mr. DiCaprio spoke at the 2016 Davos World Economic Forum summit meetings on global climate change and energy. Renewable energy is a platform endorsed by Green Peace, NRDC, WWF, Leo DiCaprio Foundation, and many notable nonprofits and foundations. It is our best hope for reducing fossil fuel use and lowering the carbon footprints of citizens around the globe.

Wind energy assets can last over one hundred years. It is found in Europe. GE and Siemens Energy offer superb capital equipment for solar and wind projects internationally. These renewable energy assets may have a better payout due to their longer time horizon. Current falling commodity prices could require wind generated electric power rather than solar in appropriate geographic areas. Tax incentives are often available for both solar and wind energy. This may not be a great advantage of your financial situation cannot utilize this extra benefit.

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