BitCrystals Token Sale starting on July 29th 2015 on Swarm!

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is an upcoming trading card/arcade game, from Swiss-based company EverdreamSoft (EDS), which will integrate bitcoin and blockchain technology in its game economy as well as its storyline. It is targeted for release in late 2015 for iOS and Android devices.

A Game For The Community

We believe players should have full ownership of their game items. Once a player acquires a game asset, they should be free to own and trade it. Unlike other games, we believe players should be able to keep their assets outside the game database and be completely independent with it. Once they own a game item, they could even find alternative uses for it in other games.

Our aim is to transform the free-to-play mobile game economy by creating a fairer ecosystem where players freely share and trade their digital assets, the same way they can do so with physical objects in real life.

Our motivation in developing SoG stems from our desire to create a game in strong cooperation with the community. With Moonga, our main trading card game, we were among the first to have a free-to-play game on the AppStore in 2009. Since then, the genre has evolved in unexpected ways. We saw some of our players trading rare cards for more than 1000 USD, even if it was not allowed by the terms of service. A whole economy emerged in the game. This inspired us to conceptualise how we could go beyond that and leverage digital goods ownership.

Innovative In-Game Economy

While working as a core of the whole game economy and background story, cryptocurrency will be used as an in-game means of exchange. Players will own their game items and cards not only in the game world but also on the Bitcoin blockchain and they will be able to trade them freely within as well as outside the game.


BitCrystals are Counterparty assets acting as both the game-fuel and the premium in-game currency. There is a limited supply of 100,000,000 BitCrystals which can be used (burned) to create new card packs or traded with other players in Spells of Genesis. 70,000,000 BitCrystals will be available during the Token Sale, about 30,000,000 BitCrystals are being distributed among early adopters and investors before the Sale start. After the Token Sale, all unsold BitCrystals will be burned.

Token System

You will be able to trade cards and game items easily within and outside the SoG game app. This is made possible through Counterparty, a platform which can be used for creating custom tokens which act as their own cryptocurrency, while still running on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Game assets in SoG will all be assigned a unique Counterparty token. The picture below shows an example of how the Counterparty tokens for the cards may look like in Counterwallet. Assigning Counterparty tokens to game assets allows them to be traded freely outside the game. Players will own their game items and cards not only in the game world but also on the blockchain. The use of Counterparty’s functions such as the lock feature opens up the possibility for players to lock a certain amount of rare cards in a public and transparent manner.

Token Sale

The BitCrystal Token Sale is a crowdfund. When you buy BitCrystals, you become a backer of the project. This means you get rewarded with the game’s premium currency while funding its development. You can then use your BitCrystals to purchase new card decks and game items or trade them on Counterparty.

The Token Sale will start this summer on Swarm and will last for one month. To be initially offered at the rate of 15,000 BitCrystals per BTC ($0.016 per BitCrystals), the price of the BitCrystals will increase every 5 days. The Token Sale ends after 30 days or when all the BitCrystals are sold, whichever occurs first. Unsold BitCrystals will be burned afterwards.


Token Sale Funds will be held in a multisig wallet by third parties

As an extra guarantee to our contributors we want to receive funds raised during our token sale ONLY if we deliver Spells of Genesis and its features as planned. All the funds raised will be held in a multisig wallet. The key officers are:

Toni Lane Casserly is the CEO of CoinTelegraph, the largest media network in bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Apart from her role at CoinTelegraph, Miss Casserly advises several companies, including ChangeTip, and serves as an ambassador for ZeroG, a galactic concert experience. Toni Lane is also an artist practicing in performance art, writing, photography and dance.

Jeremy Johnson is a big believer in blockchain technologies and the founder and lead developer of He also wrote the and blockchain viewers and free APIs. CoinDaddy is a crypto 2.0 services company that makes blockchain technologies easier to understand for users to grasp their power, while providing tools for them to use today and benefit their lives.

We are looking for a third candidate and we will announce the last key officer in due course. Funds will be released by the officers ONLY on satisfactory completion of each of the three milestones below.


#1 (release 33% of funds raised)

Alpha version of Spells of Genesis with 10 different game levels. The game will allow to connect a Counterwallet and transfer card assets. Extra levels will be available. For example if a player owns 100 GEMZ a special GEMZ level will be playable. A player will be able to view their assets on Counterwallet as digital game items.

#2 (release 33% of funds raised)

Fully featured beta version of the game with all components present. Several levels will be playable, the game interface and story will be complete. The game will have a wallet and payment method.

#3 (release 34% of funds raised)

Final development of the game with over 100 game levels and 150+ cards. With the ability for players to play in groups (guilds), to create their own levels, characters as digital asset, and also trade them.

Hedging strategy

EverdreamSoft will be collecting funds during the token sale to support and further the development of Spells of Genesis as well as future ideas. It is important to realize that Bitcoin valuation fluctuates continuously and EverdreamSoft has a well thought out hedging plan. During the token sale we will be liquidating portions of the incoming Bitcoin into FIAT currency.

EverdreamSoft liabilities (mostly paying developers, illustrators, and team members) will be primarily denominated in USD and BTC. We will convert up to 70% BTC to USD during the token sale. All USD assets will be held in a multi signature account (by the same key officers) until the milestones are reached and funds are released.


SoG is being developed by EDS. The production costs of SoG will be funded by Gutenberg, the project code name for our platform which burns BitCrystals in order to issue new digital game items to players and backers. The proceeds from the BitCrystals Token Sale will go to Gutenberg.

When purchasing game items such as card packs in Spells of Genesis, players will have the option to use their local currency on Google Play/AppStore or BitCrystals in the secondary market. Here’s how it works:

A — When a player purchases a card pack via Google Play/AppStore

Each time a player purchases a card pack via Google Play/AppStore using their local currency, EverdreamSoft will buy back 50% of its value in BitCrystals from backers (anyone who owns BitCrystals) and burn them in order to issue a new card pack.

B — When a player purchases a card pack using BitCrystals

If a player uses BitCrystals to purchase new cards and game items from the secondary market, EverdreamSoft keeps 50% of the BitCrystals and sends the other 50% to Gutenberg.

Spells of Genesis: Backstory

Askian — The Quest to the Genesis Block

The Grand Story of Moonga

For over 700 years, the different kingdoms in the world of Moonga lived under the dominance of the terrible empire of Sayosia. Then, in a small town, a boy named Kallan was born. His father, a blacksmith, had no place for him so he decided to take him elsewhere. After it seemed that nobody wanted the clumsy child, he decided to bring him to a small forest where the Wizard of the Four Valleys was known to live. Raised by the Wizard, Kallan learned to understand nature and the world around him. When the time came for him to leave the Wizard, he went to a city called Cartaam, where he made a discovery that would change the world of Moonga forever.

He found a way to confine the essence of creatures and humans into small parchment pieces. These small cards — commonly known as Spells — enclosed the essence of what had been imprinted in them. It was a difficult, meticulous task and it took Kallan several years to master the right formula. With these powerful spells, the people of Moonga were able to defy their rulers, and a new age began…

The Jewel Valley

The new chapter that we are introducing with Spells of Genesis is an allegory of the cryptocurrency. Askian is a place in the Moonga realm surrounded by high mountains inhabited by humans, dwarves and dragons. People living in Askian are rich as the mountains contain a lot of precious materials. These precious materials which are mined in the mountains possess magical properties, allowing them to be transferred in the air easily. Different regions of the valley are fighting for its dominance. Some groups rise from time to time, creating and mining varieties of precious material while trying to rally most of the miners to their cause. In fact, the group who can impose their precious jewel will gain significant wealth.

The rulers of Sayosia feel threatened by these new currencies over which no taxes are being paid and send their armies to destroy this new source of wealth. The different clans of Askian will have to join forces against this common foe to survive, but there is another threat. Rumours have been spread that Sayosia is sending expeditions to find and destroy the mysterious Genesis Block, which gives the materials of Askian their magical powers. If they succeed, Askian will fall in decay. The rulers of Askian decide to form an expedition of their own, consisting of their clans’ strongest warriors and wizards. Together, they will embark on a quest to find and protect the Genesis Block, before the Hordes of Sayosia find it.

And thus begins the Quest to the Genesis Block…

Blockchain based trading cards

Since we believe that players should own their assets not only in the game world but also outside, we are integrating some other cryptocurrencies into the game and thus creating an unique link between the Moonga and Spells of Genesis games world and other blockchain-based projects. Together with our collaborators, we have launched limited editions of blockchain-based trading cards. These cards are tradable on Counterparty, using a specific cryptocurrency, and playable within both Moonga and Spells of Genesis. The promo has recently been in the news and we invite projects in the Bitcoin space who are interested in having their own card to get in touch at


FoldingCoin is a token you earn by helping scientist cure diseases like Cancer.

Exclusively for FoldingCoin we have designed the FDCARD, which can be obtained by folding or by trading on Counterparty.


Together with Storj, who’s developing a revolutionary, decentralized (peer-to-peer) and secure cloud storage, we have launched the SJCXCARD, which can only be obtained by using Storjcoin X (SJCX).


For GetGems, who’s developing an innovative Social Messaging App with a built-in Bitcoin wallet, Everdreamsoft has designed the GEMZCARD. This card can only be obtained with GEMZ.

Many more cards in collaboration with top Bitcoin and Bitcoin 2.0 projects are in the works. Stay tuned for more info and announcements.


How to create a Counterwallet?

Have a look at our blogpost here.

How to import blockchain cards into Moonga?

Have a look at the following step by step video.

How do the key officers know when to release the funds?

When EDS believes that one of the milestones has been completed the key officers will have to test each claimed feature of the game and make sure they are happy with the results before releasing the funds.

How will contributors know when a milestone has been completed?

EDS will make regular announcements through all their channels, we recommend subscribing to the Spells of Genesis newsletter, follow Spells of Genesis on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

What if only little funds get raised during the Token Sale?

For a fully featured game as per milestone #3 we estimate the cost to be around $200,000 US. We will keep developing Spells of Genesis as much as we can with the funds that are raised, however much that is. If we raise very little completion of the milestones may take longer than expected and we will have to review the milestones or get the community to vote for priorities.

What are the expected timelines for completion of each milestone?
#1 End of September 2015

#2 February 2016

#3 April 2016

What payment methods will be accepted for the Token Sale?

Bitcoin or credit card via Stripe.


EverdreamSoft is a Swiss-based company created in 2010 and specialized in the development of casual and online trading card games for smartphones, giving communities of gamers the possibility to interact and help on the development of these games. The company is also currently exploring the field of new technologies like NFC and Geolocation along with new ways to bring them to the world of entertainment and design.

EverdreamSoft is composed of passionate designers, developers, marketers and community managers based in Switzerland, France and Japan. The team also works with more than thirty freelance illustrators worldwide.






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