Timing is everything. Well per usually I have once again ran into bad timing. Where I have met someone and the timing is off. Which I should of known right off the bat because the universe gave me a sign right away. A boyfriend. She had a boyfriend. In hindsight I should of expected nonetheless. But as usually careless Spencer and his outgoing attitude went to work. It was in our first meeting where I think I went wrong. It was at a regional business conference where students would compete in real life business situations for their schools. And I was in the waiting room before my competition. And that’s when I met her. Now usually I have interactions like this everyday but this one was different. She looked nervous. So I comforted her and talked her down. Asked her name, talked to her abit. Then she left..
The rest of the day I looked for her. I sought her out. I couldn’t stop thinking of this girl who just came in and blew me away. Stupid spencer. Can’t let go of another girl. One I barely know at that. I think at the time I was more intrigued by what was so intriguing about her. But nonetheless no luck. She disappeared like a ghost. That should of been my first warning to let go. But I could not stop. "There was something different about her.” Oh how many times I have said that one. But I believe this was the one time in my life I truly meant it. Out of all the interesting people I met that day she is the one that stood out. Above the crowd. Yet she faded. So she got put into the part of my brain where I store the things that drive me insane. Forgotten as the school year went on, I was fine. Then states came around for the business competition. And that’s when I saw her again. It was dinner time the first night we were there at the hotel that held 3 floors of students and my buddy and I not want to eat dinner with our particular school because we did not get along with most of the kids. So when I saw a buddy of mine from a different school in line for food we quickly went to stand with him, what I didn’t notice is the classmate he was talking to. It was her. "Oh s*** what was her name again. Oh crap brain why are you so stupid. Morgan Melissa Megan. Crap idk. Should I ask. No that would make it seem like I was just any other dude that met her once.” My interior thoughts racing. Then I saw her name tag, perfect. Ahh Megan. Then every little piece of info she had previously stated to me rushed back into my head down to her dress she wore at regionals and the look she gave me as she said good luck with a big grin on her face. I then froze. I have never froze before in my ENTIRE LIFE. I have been able to get in and out of situations due to my innate ability of bull*******. So I just looked at her for a second, appalled that I am getting to see her again. I think I’m lucky. So the line moves forward and I snap outta it. Right into messing around with my friends unconsciously trying to impress her. Which quickly turned into a conscious and constant thought as I proceeded to talk to her and flirt as best as I could, with ever nervous bone in my body quivering at once. As we got the food I stated I’d much rather eat with their school rather than mine.Megan and Lucas quickly invited us to eat with their school. So me and my friend accepted. I then see almost everyone I made friends with at regionals at dinner and I am baffled by how I couldn’t find Megan again at regionals. She later let me know that she left early.

I quickly took over dinner. It has become one of my many skills over the years due to my multitude of stories. I would tell story upon story and joke upon joke. Everyone true and more appalling then the last. Then others would start to tell stories and it became a big thing. This would continue past dinner which was at 4 into the hotel rooms where we would all laugh and get to know eachother more as the hours passed. As time went on more and more people came and went and we eventually got to a room made for 4 people to an outrageous 32 people with me in the telling new stories and old stories to new people in the middle with giant gestures and imitations. The whole time I look at Megan after every big joke or crazy tale as if for approval or something. And as others would take their turns telling stories and experiences I would sit next to Megan and have quiet side conversations. Getting to know her more and more. Falling harder and harder. The next day comes around and everyone is off to their specific competitions. Lunch comes around and our teacher made us eat with our own class today. Sad. But me and my friends decided after lunch to hang out in the hallways and goof off. Seeing all kinds of people we met the previous day we became a crowd. It was truly great. Megan once again with us. Soon we started stopping people that would pass by and make them “rap” there way through our mob. And so they did. We even got a maid too. This quickly turned into a rap/dissing circle. If you ever want to see something hilarious put 50 business oriented people into a small hallway and have them rap battle eachother. It was the best. People laughing so hard they were crying and our mob by the minute growing bigger and more rambunctious. This eventually led to 65 people doing the sausage chant which is along the lines of one person saying a sentence and the rest of the crowd yelling sausage to complete the sentence.

“eggs, bacon, grits and” “SAUSAGE”

“she wanted this d so I gave her my” “SAUSAGE”

We continued this till we got disbanded by teachers, each of us scattering to a new place to go/hide, all while laughing hysterically. Which led me to my room. Probably one of the longest times at states I didn’t see Megan. Dinner came around after a hour ceremony in which we escaped to our friends from the other school. After dinner there was a hypnotist performance that we had to goto. I sat next to Megan. On the other side of her was Lucas. Lucas then began to talk to Megan throughout the whole show about his problems which I understood. But unfortunately I didn’t get to talk to her much. After the hypnotist we were sent back to the rooms. There was apparently a dance but I didn’t go. I found Megan and we started to talk and getting to know eachother more while everyone was at the dance. In these talks I found out she had a boyfriend. Of course Spencer. You fall for an amazing girl and she has a boyfriend. Yet for some reason I stayed. And we talked and talked until about 4 am then we parted ways. We sat next to eachother the following morning at the awards ceremony but yet again she had to leave early. My thoughts only about her for the next month, as we became closer and better friends. I ranted to friends and family about how I met this amazing girl yet I had to keep my feelings platonic and let her be happy. So I just was friendly and always there to talk. Her and her boyfriend eventually were no more. But by this time prom had passed and I did not want to go with anyone else. So I went alone. Me and Megan started talking more now even on the phone till 4 in the morning sometimes like we did at states. We saw eachother again, a few times actually. Then I became aware of a situation that was happening. She was leaving for Denmark for a year. So naturally I tried to pull away. I couldn’t. Even with every last drop of might in me I couldn’t. Especially when I was at beach week and I saw her. Her and her friend were down to take photos the same time me and my buddies were spending a week at the beach after graduation. So we saw eachother. I spent most of the day with her and we even went to a dodge ball tournament with my friends,which we won btw. Then after that I spent the night at her place. I have never spent the night with someone before. Yet I almost felt more comfortable with her then I do sleeping alone. Looking back on it I do feel more comfortable with her. Morning came around so quickly and we parted ways again. We tried to not hang out as much but yet we still saw eachother ever once in a while. I even made her watch a superhero movie. She did for me even though I could tell she’s not as into superheros as I am. Then she was gone. Not completely. If I caught her at the right times we talked for a while. But she was in Denmark now. And at this time my soccer career picked up alot so I don’t think it truly hit me. Well until now. Heck in a fleeting attempt I even tried to learn Danish to impress her. But it has been almost a year now and she has a new life in Denmark. Me finally realizing it would be greedy of me to hang onto her, I am letting her go. Not because I don’t care about her anymore because that’s not true, I can remember ever word she’s ever said to me down to the little things she likes, like Flat Coke, Marabou Daim, Matches, Twix, Caramel maciato, and even froyo. But it is because I care so immensely about her that I have to let her go. Because her seeing me still hung up on her when she has made a new life hurts her just as much as me. So I write this. At 4 am in the morning, ironic because that’s when all of our deepest talks happen, so I can remember when I want to our memories. So I can let go. So I can let you live and be happy. At the end of the day that’s all I ever wanted for you. So thank you Megan for being this amazing chapter in my life. One I shall preserve through this. Even though timing was off and it might never be right this is still. Our chapter.

Spencer Hill

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