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Careering is hard. We all get stuck and the thought of change, much less doing something about it, is totally overwhelming.

What if it was easy to get some quick help?

You bring hustle and a learner’s mindset, and I’ll show you how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Some Of Our Past Workshops

February 19th : Online Career Workshop + Q&A

You can’t think your way into a great career. Learn how to use small experiments to find direction, build momentum, and invite the world to help you make bold career moves.

January 31st: Find Work That Matters In 2018

Think you could be doing something more exciting with the 40 hours a week you spend working, but not sure what to do or how to transition? The first step to doing work that matters is figuring out what you want. Sounds simple enough, but we usually don’t have the time or the tools to find a clear answer.

January 22nd: Careers In Social Impact

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about careers in social impact. So I called up some experts to join us in January to help you align your career with the impact you care about. ImpactHUB Austin is generously hosting on January 22nd 6:30p to 8:30p. Reserve your spot here.

December 13th: Wayfinding; Downtown Edition

North Austin packed the house at WeWork Domain for November’s free workshop. So for December we are bringing Wayfinding downtown to learn unconventional tactics to take action toward finding meaningful work.

December 9th: Career Blitz — Full Day Class

You all asked for a longer format workshop. So here you go. Introducing Career Blitz: Saturday December 9th from 9:00a to 4:00p. A full day of intensive hands-on activities. Read about what we did together.

November 14th: Wayfinding; how to change your career when you don’t know what you want.

We visited WeWork at the Domain for a evening about wayfinding to help you discover a meaningful direction for your career and overcome the anchors that might be holding you back.

October 9th: You, Inc.

We kicked-off Austin Startup Week learning how to think like a startup by using prototyping to reduce risk and invite serendipity in your career.

A huge thanks to our rad-tastic partner.

General Assembly helps provide quality venue space and collaboration to bring you the best 2-hours you can invest in your career.

Want to bring a workshop to your organization?

Hi I’m Spencer. I host custom career and professional development workshops (2-hour to full-day). I’ve worked with Universities and Community Colleges, Non-Profit Job Clubs, and Employers. Connect with me on LinkedIn to start a conversation about what we can do together.

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