What Best Monday Ever Stands For.

Having a vision for the future makes for a much better chance of actually achieving it.

And boy howdy do I have a vision — often getting ahead of myself. Luckily I’m surrounded by people reminding me to “smallify” my steps.

I’m also flexible. What I imagine today may change with trial and error and as I invite others to introduce new possibilities.

Wherever this leads, I at least know what it stands for:

  • Give First — generosity has compounding interest.
  • Bias for Action — help each other do-the-doable to build positive momentum.
  • Do the Doable — start with where we are and who we know to “smallify” our steps and prototype careers before making leaps.
  • Making Things Matters Most — we now live in a creator economy where showing work is valued and invites serendipity.
  • Follow Your Curiosity — cultivate a growth mindset and stay flexible to new options.
  • Embrace Uncertainty — welcome to where the bold live, where we know the greatest risk is not taking one at all.
  • Have stupid amounts of fun — where you can be your best-self.

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