Our Country of Contradictions

A painting depicting General George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River from on December 25, 1776 between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Ed Vebell/Getty Images

We live in a country of contradictions, of inspired ideals and antiquated actions. This is our truest nature. The phrase “All men are created equal” was penned precisely when some of us were in chains. That doesn’t make the ideal any less true or desirable.

Today, while preaching equality and justice, we separate families, we alienate our allies, and we elect a man to destroy our institutions from the inside out.

Our founders believed that we were better than authoritarian rule. We knew better than a king how to govern our communities. Today, once again, we must adorn ourselves in the cloak of human rights, human dignity, and equity. We must stand for our ideals (as imperfect as we are).

During World War Two, fascism looked as if it would overtake the world. Yet, because of the sacrificial actions of our forefathers and mothers, here we are.

Let us honor them with our collective action to strive for a world free from authoritarianism, wherever it may rear it’s ugly head. Sadly, it’s reached our shores and we must put a stop to its advance.

I yearn for the day that science, equity, justice, and peace-seeking guide our collective action.