Donald Trump off-base in saying illegal immigration costs $113 billion a year

Dear Politifact,

You are partisan hacks.

  1. The FAIR report you are citing isn’t from 2013, it’s from 2010 (revised 2011). You’d know that if you clicked on the link & read the article before citing it.
  2. Illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers a minimum of $148.1 billion per year, when you include government subsidies, the costs of crime, & remittances (which both you & FAIR ignored for some bizarre reason).

Here are the facts:

a. The federal government spends $28.6 billion per year subsidizing illegal immigrants, according to a report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform. This money goes to services such as education ($2.1 billion), healthcare ($5.9 billion), policing etc.

b. State and local governments cough up more, $93.3 billion a year on illegals. This goes to everything from education, healthcare, municipal services, court and policing costs etc. You can get a good sense of what this looks like in my cost analysis on California.

c. Illegal immigrants do pay taxes to the tune of $14.9 billion at the federal, state, and local level.

Adjusted for inflation, the US government spends a net $110.1 billion every year on illegal immigrants — that’s the sort of statistic they don’t tell you about.

d. Illegals send $38 billion every year in remittances.

You can see how that’s calculated in my article here.

In the future, do a better job at pretending to know what you’re talking about.


Spencer P Morrison