Spencer Shaver, Helping Entrepreneurs in Business

Spencer Shaver once made a promise to himself. He promised to pursue his passions in a way that would lead to a full, rich life. After earning a degree at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Spencer started a career in sales, eventually working his way up to a position as a sales trainer and even a personnel director. However, he also had a passion for music, so he became a professional composer for nearly ten years.

He still has a passion for music and the arts, but these days, Spencer Shaver channels that passion into service to his church. He performs with number of Christian worship teams throughout the Colorado Springs area. Of course, he also has a passion for business, which is why he became a top insurance agent for a number of years, leading a team of some of the best agents in the business. That is also why he is now an independent business consultant, where he helps businesses all over the country achieve their goals and objectives.

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