BIG FREEZE (Some Snow) On The Way

TLDR summary: it gets nasty cold starting Thursday night.

Below: This is the kind of weather we are in for — here are the model output WINDCHILL numbers for about 2am Friday morning. They really DON’T warm up much during the day. YOUCH

STARTING AT THE START — this is the satellite and radar snapshot at 10pm Tuesday night. The cold front in the Midwest and Plains will push our way with Arctic air — AND snow. The speed of this front, the fact that Arctic air (or in this case “modified Arctic air”) isn’t associated with a lot of moisture, and the fast change from some wet snow to a limited amount of fluffy, blowing snow on Thursday means we’ll likely NOT see a lot of snow. This is what PREDICTOR kicks out by mid day Thursday. A narrow streamer band of snow or two off the Great Lakes COULD see 1"-2" but we’ll be hard pressed to see much more than that in the lowlands. The WV mountains could see 2"-3" of fresh snow in areas east of Summersville through Thursday night.

Just as backup, here’s another one of our models — this one is a little broader in scope and detail but it has the same light amounts for the lowlands. In the Summersville-Elkins area it calls for 2"-3" of snow. Now in those areas if you said “heavy snow” and are talking about 2"-3", it means — you’re likely not from there. That’s just plain old “snow” to folks in those areas.

We see another round of LIGHT snow but we have an even COLDER bubble of air coming in Saturday and we may have to keep taking the numbers DOWN with each new look at models which have been trending colder. Be ready for some wind chills Saturday night into Sunday below zero, especially in the WV Mountains.

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