Snow Done (For Now) — Watching Water and Next March (Rain) Showers

The Kanawha River is dropping at Winfield and cresting as I write this Friday night in Huntington a foot or two above the flood stage. There are LOTS of issues with flood waters in the backwater areas of all 3 states, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Look at these cars that got stuck as the waters of Davis Creek in Cabell County came up over Alt. Route 10. I discovered these after driving past a “High Water” sign … sadly those folks didn’t turn around. Nobody hurt as far as I know.

NEXT — Temps jump to the 40s for a few days with a partly cloudy day Sat and more clouds on Sunday. Lows drop below 32 at night but that’s OK. It’s not the single digits.

NEXT RAIN: Appears to be on Tuesday from the south. The European model has a little more coverage for more of us but the GFS only clips half of the viewing area for 13 News (all for 59 news). See BELOW for Tuesday GFS.

This does NOT appear to be a monster amount of rain. In fact streams and creeks should be able to handle this. Here is the projected rainfall for that period from NOAAs WPC — about a quarter of an inch to half an inch in southern WV. I suspect after 4 days with no precip that creeks can handle this. But we’ll watch it.

NEXT WEEKEND: The models strongly suggest a sharp move north of some heavy rain. (Remember this is WAY out there on the models.)

(Interesting side note on looking at models in Appalachia — when you see the kink in the surface pressure isobars like that over the eastern side of WV across the western part of Virginia and North Carolina, it usually means some cold air is trapped in those areas — the pressure is higher as colder air with more density and higher pressure sits in those valleys and sometimes means freezing rain — even if your air column “thicknesses” are above the normal thresholds. Just something you pick up over many years — it’s called CAD for Cold Air Damming — where the mountains east of us act like a dam for the cold air — it can’t spill out. A nice fat high with cold air sits up over Quebec too shoving a NE breeze of cold air in there as well. Just something else to watch.)

The FLOOD POTENTIAL will have to be watched of course. Currently there appears to be a healthy amount of rain possible — but at 7–8 days away, it’s not something to fret about. Just something to watch. Looks like an inch of rain or so.

MEANWHILE: warmer days ahead!

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