Two New Rounds of Precip On The Way

OK, so we got rid of a few snow showers and it’s COLD! At least we didn’t have FEET of snow on the ground like they did in Massachusetts. Thanks Julie Moore for this reminder of how winter CAN be!

How cold Wednesday morning? Well, one model says you should look for some bone chilling temps at the bus stop. This is just “guidance” but seriously — once you reach a certain point, 11 feels like 15 feels like 10 feels like…. yada yada yada.

Later in the day, temps warm back into the low to mid 30s in the lowlands and the 20s in the high terrain

NEXT: Precip Thursday. Our Predictor has been consistently showing rain Thursday evening:

Cold air then flows in and we see a change to some snow. This has the familiar look of nearly no snow sticking in the lowlands and an inch — maybe two — in the high terrain by Friday morning — BUT — it will likely be slick Friday morning

So above is Thursday night and below is Friday morning.

We do this all over again Sunday night into Monday morning. We’ll post more on that later but roads can be slick again Monday morning. —Spencer

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