5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us.

There are various real career defining reasons why anyone would work for Sperne even though big corporate ventures may offer better pay and other cushy benefits. Joining a start-up can be fun and may be scary but for many people who do so, it is an opportunity to create big impact and to build a career.

In joining Sperne at this stage, you will be a member of a small team working towards achieving the goals of the company. There is a high chance that the skills you bring on board will be unique to you in the same way as your thought process and problem-solving approach. Therefore, your contributions to the growth of the company will be more visible, easily quantifiable and definitely more gratifying.

Working for a start-up like Sperne puts you in an enviable position where you will be given and can take on more responsibilities than would be the case in a big corporation. Bigger responsibilities accelerate the development of your skills and talents. Gaining a wide range of experience in a relatively shorter period is a reward on its own.

Knowing that you are making a difference, highly valued and truly appreciated are some of the top reasons to work at Sperne. You will never be denied the credit due to you and your team and shortcomings are corrected in a manner that will encourage you to be the best at what you do. At Sperne, there is a culture of respect, honesty, charity and other good values that impact loyalty among employees.

The vibrant work environment at Sperne is yet another reason to work for us. The youthful zeal and excitement of Sperne staff are infectious and thus, encourages friendship and a strong family spirit. This family spirit is exemplified in how staff opinions are sought even in important issues bothering on business decisions.

Lastly, Sperne is growing and expanding. Joining us at this critical period of our development has long term financial rewards and benefits. As we grow, pioneer members of staff will be rewarded with stock options for their loyalty and effort in building a global company.

We hope you would like to work for us. Visit our website to see the roles available and for information on how to apply.