Spheroid Universe starts a new bounty program. We have added for it the notion of account levels. Now each user can see his account level in the REFERRAL tab.
Level 1 — Basic. It’s given to all people for the registration at the Spheroid Universe platform.
Level 2 — is given for the successful participation in the AirDrop program.

Accounts that have reached Level 2, will get access to Bounty program tasks. After completing the first task of the Bounty program they will reach Level 3.

The first task of the Bounty program is to share the new post on Twitter, which informs about the campaign to accepting altcoins as a payment for Spaces at a beneficial rate, and also advertises the current AirDrop program.

For sharing this post on Twitter, users receive an additional 500 SPH and discover the possibility to buy Spaces for altcoins at a rate 5 times better than usual. Technically, this feature is implemented by adding 5X Altcoin Bonus (which is displayed in the Bonuses tab).

5x Altcoin Bonus is automatically applied to any selected crypto currency, except BTC and SPH. When you try to purchase a CryptoSpace, you need to choose the payment currency. After that you will see the calculation line that shows the total amount in altcoins and how much altcoins will be charged (1/5), and how much will be paid for 5x Bonuses (4/5).
Using 5X Bonus is unlimited for each participant and 5x Bonus is valid until September 08 inclusive.

A new (bounty) post on Twitter generates a new referral link for existing Spheroid members. Newcomers also receive 1000 SPH for their registration, as before. They can achieve level 3 (the highest level at the moment) and get the benefits that it opens.

Those whose referral link was used, as well as before continue to receive 250 SPH for each referral user. Old links from the AirDrop program continue to be functioning.

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