How Indians say Goodbye.

There’s this reeeeeeally funny thing our parents, especially moms, do a LOT.

Case in point, one time we got invited to a family friend’s home for dinner. We had a great time and amazing food. Then the time came for us to leave… or at least that’s what I thought. You would expect when mom says we’re leaving, we’d be out of their house in the next five minutes. Unfortunately, (or fortunately if you are in good company) this was never the case.

As soon as my mom got to the front door, she found some juicy gossip to talk about. This would go on for another 30–40 minutes. At this point you would think we would be done. Nope! We are now in the driveway when another family member has forgotten to mention another delicious story (+30–40minutes). Of course my mom is not going to be left out. We finally get in the car. Lo and behold, aunty has to put in another juicy morsel. So here I am, in the car waiting for these stories to end. If you were keeping track, we were supposed to leave about 80–90 minutes ago.

This is a regular occurrence in our families. Sometimes it can be annoying, but more often than not we end up spending quality time with our family members. At the end of the day, family is all we have. Enjoy it while you can.